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I finally got the new site going. I was a little bit too ambitious in upgrading to Drupal 6, but it is now ready. For the time being, we will leave the old content on the old site and post new stuff here.

Change of Blog Site

We have moved our blog to a different site. If you want to check it out, send me an email and I will send you the site address. Updated pictures and video are already posted.

Spring Fun

Elaina likes to play on the playground equipment:

Owen would much rather play in the mud:

Time Flies!!

It's almost impossible to believe that Audrey is 6 months old already.

She loves the exersaucer:


Now that Audrey can sit up a little more, Owen and Elaina both are more interested in "playing" with her!

Audrey loves all of the attention!

Go Steelers!!

We were really into the Superbowl this year!

Audrey's First Superbowl:

Is this allowed? Elaina thought it looked good!

Congrats, Steelers!

Happy Birthdays!

We had fun celebrating Owen and Elaina's birthdays!

Owen likes his new drum set!

Elaina liked her snowman cake!


Audrey is such a happy baby!

Family Picture

Here's the latest family picture...

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